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Once Upon a Day... the book was as bad as the title.

Once Upon a Day - Lisa Tucker

I keep thinking that one of these days, when I haphazardly pull a book off a shelf at the library, I'll stumble upon a true gem. That was not this book for me. Ugh, definitely not.


This book was bizarre and not at all to my tastes. I checked it out because a cursory glance at the back showed it was set in New Mexico. It wasn't, actually. The majority of the book was set in Missouri and California. This is entirely a personal issue, but the audiobook version I listened to mispronounced the names of the scarce New Mexico/Colorado locations. Raton as retin? Pueblo as pweblew? What?? That set my teeth on edge. 


I don't want to say it was total trash, because I can see how some people would like it. My mom, I'm pretty sure, would love it. (That's not meant to be disparaging. My mom is awesome!) 


But I wasn't on board with any of it. I felt its handling of relationship abuse, domestic violence, post-traumatic stress, and sex were all a bit off base in uncomfortable ways. It's dialogue heavy, which I don't enjoy. It's told through multiple perspectives, with a variety of flashbacks, but in a way that felt like obvious patchwork. Nothing flowed for me. All the characters felt like tropes rather than nuanced figures... or maybe I just felt like I was being told they were nuanced with nothing to back that up.


Once Upon a Day... it's just a book a read one day.