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Divergent Is Social Commentary for Simpletons

I enjoyed reading Divergent in the kind of way mindless reading is always fun. The series was obviously poorly written and completely fell apart by the end, but it was fun enough. This review is a fair and honest critique of why it just doesn't work.


"There’s an interesting story to be told about a society that breaks itself into groups based on interpersonal values, and about the Procrustean bed of social categories like gender, race and sexuality and how society tries to stretch or cut us to fit them. Divergent just isn’t that story. It’s the equivalent of a dystopian sorting hat that resolves into a trite statement about how each and every one of us is a special and unique snowflake. From that perspective, it’s easy to understand why the story has been so popular: It’s the fantasy both of the teenager who desperately wants to belong, and the teenager who desperately wants to be different; it wants too badly to have it both ways."