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I blew through the newly minted third entry into the Cormoran Strike series, helped largely by a nasty cold that's kept me home from work. 


Career of Evil has all the rugged intrigue and perplexing intricacies that made the first two such fun detective reads. I hadn't noticed until this book that the series is unfolding several years behind real time-- the events of this book took place around the Royal Wedding, of Prince William and Kate Middleton. I'm still trying to suss out what the purpose of that is, and I hope it was for something more than just bringing up wedding talk, as Robin is still engaged in this book. 


And therein lies my one major complaint with the book. I'll feel cheated if Cormoran and Robin pursue a romantic relationship, and I find the undercurrent and hints toward a mutual attraction somewhat frustrating. But I'm growing weary of Matthew and the prolonged sham of a relationship. It's common knowledge that romance isn't where JKR's talents lie and I'd honestly prefer if she just cut the weird tense triangle and focused on the crime.


All said, I'm ready for the next installment already!