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I like reading books about war dogs, shipwrecks, and lady aviators.

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The Rainbow Comes and Goes: A Mother and Son On Life, Love, and Loss
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"Nice loud howl, Harry— exactly— and then, if you’ll believe it, I pounced—like this— slammed him to the floor—thus— with one hand, I managed to hold him down— with my other, I put my wand to his throat— I then screwed up my remaining strength and performed the immensely complex Homorphus Charm— he let out a piteous moan— go on, Harry— higher than that— good— the fur vanished— the fangs shrank— and he turned back into a man. Simple, yet effective— and another village will remember me forever as the hero who delivered them from the monthly terror of werewolf attacks."

—CoS, 10: The Rogue Bludger 


Harry howling like a werewolf in Lockhart’s DADA class <3 <3 <3