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Keep the fingerling away!

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In the House Upon the Dirt Between the Lake and the Woods - Matt Bell

So this is another I couldn't make it through.  I got somewhere around 150 pages in before I had to stop.  It was hard enough to read the word "fingerling" over and over again but once I got to the point where I saw that each paragraph for the next 25ish pages started with "And in this room..." I knew that I'd gone as far as I could.  I can see how people will enjoy this one.  It felt like a novel trying to make a modern myth and that is a valiant ambition.  There is definitely interesting writing and imagery, but I personally don't care to read about another single thing that the magical wife has sung into existence.  I think I'm taking an ARC break after trying this one and keeping to books with a little more acclaim.  



I haven't even read this book and I've been thinking about the "fingerling" and shuddering all week.