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I like reading books about war dogs, shipwrecks, and lady aviators.

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The Rainbow Comes and Goes: A Mother and Son On Life, Love, and Loss
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Shades of Earl Grey - Laura Childs

This series came highly recommended to me, and I scooped up a few from a used bookstore. How I regret that purchase! I cannot stand this series. It's positively grating. All the characters and their endeavors are utterly perfect, to the point that nothing feels real. There are no flaws, nothing ever goes wrong, and that makes these stories impossible to relate to... and not very fun to read. On top of all that, the mysteries themselves are dull and poorly plotted. They're not gripping or intriguing or spook-inducing in any way.


UGH! I'm so disappointed! I love a good cozy mystery, but these take cozy all the way through the roof to full-on irritating. Sigh. I might skim through the copies I purchased, but I might send them straight back to the bookstore. Bummer!