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Go Set a Watchman - Harper Lee

Okay. Uh. Where to begin... Yikes?


I swore I wouldn't read this, because I'm still pretty sure an ailing Harper Lee was manipulated into publishing it. But then it popped up right when I was looking for my next read and... well, here we are.


If you think of this as an interesting first draft (which is what it is!) then it's an enjoyable peek into the writing process. If you can convince yourself this is the story of an entirely different family in Alabama, it's not the worst. But if you try to think of this as a sequel to To Kill a Mockingbird, it just won't land. It doesn't make any sense, because it contradicts the core character values that so thoroughly shaped the first novel. That's why I think it's best read as a draft-- how interesting to see how the story evolved! But as much else... eh.


I'm not sorry I read this but I also wouldn't recommend it very readily. The part that made me almost stop was 

Jem being dead the whole time! Like, what?? Bye, girl. 

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